Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) - Bringing the internet to life!

12:22 AM
Rich Internet Applications are breathing life into otherwise dull web applications. Almost all the IT giants like Google, Adobe, and Microsoft, etc. are investing time and money into developing and enhancing frameworks and plug-ins to be used by the RIAs. As technology advances, the look and feel of the web applications is evolving into simulating real world experiences. Not only is RIA contributing to enhancing the user experience in web application, but it is also contributing to the paradigm shift in the gaming world. We have advanced from assembly based games like Super Mario to browser based games like Castle of Heroes, which use RIA extensively. RIA works on the browser end and does not involve instaling additional software to give the user an experience like never before.

At System Domain, we offer you an extensive course in RIA. With an experience of over 17 years in the training industry, we have attained expertise in designing and delivering courses and training based on your need. Our expert faculty is available to counsel, guide and help you to make an informed choice about the certification course you pick.

The RIA certification course has been tailored to help a beginner understand the different tech stacks that go into building rich internet web applications. Learning to create an attractive, user-friendly and high performing web application involves understanding the design principles such as branding, colour theory and the related programming languages.

The RIA course is split into three sections to facilitate understanding. The first part involves the basic design fundamentals including HTML, JavaScript, DOM and CSS. The second section takes you through PHP, My SQL, Apache Web server, and AJAX. The third section familiarises you with Cake PHP, Drupal and an Overview of Joomla and Smarty. Each Segment is relevant to the complete understanding of the subject.  The course also includes an insight into PHP extending to operators, functions, classes, object, file handling, using the capabilities of Apache web server and Ajax. At the end of this course, you will be able to design and develop you own website.

The experienced instructors at System Domain train you on real time scenarios so that your training is relevant to the job you are aiming for rather than just familiarising you with jargon and syntax. We provide various other IT training courses in Java, Android, .Net, and testing to choose from. We also provide soft skills training which is sure to help you during placement. With a reputation for delivering well-designed job-centric courses and grooming which makes students job-ready, we have successfully placed over 1,00,000 students and are ranked as one of the most sought after software training institutes in Bangalore with placements.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Skills you need for a career in IT

12:08 AM

The IT sector is one of the biggest employers in the world today and is also the most sought after career option. It has been growing exponentially for the last two decades and has tremendous potential in the future too. There are various roles one can play in the IT sector like Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Technical Support, Network Engineer, Web developer, Software Tester, Database Administrator and much more.

For various reasons, just an IT degree by itself does not guarantee an employment opportunity with a big multinational company. The primary reason for this is the skill mismatch due to obsolete technology being taught in a degree course and the latest skills required for a job. This happens because of slow adoption of latest software technologies by universities in their syllabi. This gap can be filled in with vocational courses from major software training institutes like System Domain. One needs to be acquainted with more than one technology and should keep upgrading their technical skills in order to stay competent in today’s competitive environment.

Apart from technical knowledge, various other skills are equally important to pursue a successful career in IT. For instance, skills required for a Software Engineer’s role are Analysis, logical thinking, teamwork and attention to detail. A Business Analyst should, along with technical know-how, possess good communication, presentation, facilitation, project management and problem-solving skills. To work in Technical support, one should master wide-ranging tech knowledge, problem-solving, communication/listening skills, patience, and diplomacy. Similarly, a Software Tester needs to be able to pay attention to detail, exhibit creativity, have organization skills, analytical and investigative thinking, and communication skills too!

A job oriented course with emphasis on soft skills can help in grooming you for a rewarding career in IT, and as one of the best IT training institutes in Bangalore, System Domain does just that. System domain provides job training with placement opportunities to fresh graduates and it is also the first choice of professionals who want to upgrade their skills with the latest IT courses in demand. System domain has over 18 years of experience in the IT training industry on some of the world’s most popular courses in Oracle, Java, .net, C and C++. All the courses are specifically tailored to meet the demands of the ever-evolving IT industry and provide quick placement opportunities. With centres all over the silicon valley of India (Bangalore), you are never far from a System domain IT training centre.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The benefits of a software training program

11:49 PM
A well know proverb reiterates that ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime', and this is what exactly placement training institutes in Bangalore aim to do. System Domain believes in integrating industry knowledge and academic curriculum for effective and efficient delivery. By offering vocational software training courses, System Domain, not only bridges the gap between academics and industry readiness but also boosts the students’ confidence, and makes them more productive. Our students help their employers increase profitability, quality and productivity and ensure customer satisfaction too. If you are a job-seeker, undergoing training in the latest software tools increases your chances of being spotted by recruiters and helps you get a head-start in your IT career.

With technology becoming obsolete every minute and getting updated in a heartbeat, it is necessary to keep your skills aligned with the latest trends in the industry. Staying in touch with technological developments ensures that you are flexible and ready to work on any technology without needing on-job training. The prospect of reducing the time and expense spent on learning encourages organisations to choose candidates who have a background of vocational training.

Software training in Bangalore aims to benefit the candidates as well as the organisations which hire them. Our student counsellors work with students to help them identify the stream which is best suited to them while simultaneously collaborating with leading IT companies for training needs identification. We equip our students to be industry-ready with training in in-demand courses like Oracle, Java, Dot Net, C, C++, Android certification and software testing.

Software training institutes in Bangalore offer context based learning where you undergo training as well as gain knowledge about the relevance of the technology. You learn how one technology compares to another, how to apply it efficiently, cost and drawbacks, how hard is it to deploy and use, and much more. This knowledge helps you decide what the best platforms to use and work on are. Software training not only helps individuals but also benefits the organisation by saving the ramp up time of employees. Live training is real-time knowledge transfer and also increases the productivity of the worker.

Enrol in training and placement in Bangalore at system Domain to acquire skills which will help you excel in your career, increase retention rates, and improve productivity. Choose a course which appeals to you, and fast—track your career today!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why candidates with vocational training get noticed by recruiters

11:46 PM

In a world where there is neck to neck competition in every field, professional training has bridged the gap between stereotype methodologies and new age skill sets. While vocational training gives impetus to a company’s growth trajectory, it also helps to maintain long-term sustainable growth. Thereby, equipping and motivating employees to produce quality work under pressure. Hence, candidates with vocational training are given first preference by the recruiters. 

System Domain gives candidates the opportunity to obtain a degree in vocational courses that are job-oriented and are tailor-made to cater to industry requirements. With thousands of students passing out from colleges every year, finding the right job with a high-paying salary has become a struggle. Vocational training plays a big part in equipping students to outshine others in the rat race. 

These vocational courses are specifically designed to groom students to adjust effortlessly in any work environment from day one. Students are equipped with practical knowledge that helps them to tackle any complex problem with confidence. Thereby making them an asset to any company. 

With fast-paced technological development, students and professionals need to stay continually updated with the latest trends and job-oriented certification programs are the answer to this need. These programs not only give real-time practical knowledge on various subjects but also help in overall personal development. At System Domain, candidates are nurtured to become top-notch professionals who can adjust to any corporate environment.
Job-oriented programs have become an integral part of many training institutes in Bangalore. They not only teach technical knowledge but also help students in the placement procedure. These placement training institutes in Bangalore have created a buzz amongst students. At System Domain, which one of the best IT training institutes in Bangalore, in-house mock interviews and counselling are a part of the curriculum designed to prepare students for the big day. The Institute has mastered the art of imparting IT training and has put in place a dependable placement procedure too. This approach gives System Domain a distinct edge over other institutes.

System Domain has given a new direction to IT training. Candidates are groomed well to take on the world with confidence. Other than handling complex challenges in the workplace, students here are trained to be an asset to the present or future company. Through counseling sessions, candidates are acquainted with the current trends in the corporate world and the approach to take during the placement procedure. Aptitude tests, interview skills, and personality development are some of the key areas that the institute focuses on during these counselling sessions. Hence, candidates can find the best training and placement in Bangalore at System Domain.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Up-skills required to find an IT job

4:38 AM

The world of IT has seen tremendous growth and a revolution over the past decade. Recruiters follow a checklist of core capabilities against which they assess students to make sure the organization employs the most suitable candidates. In recent times, most of the jobs demand a healthy mix of academic qualification and skills to be industry ready and gain a competitive edge over others.

Whether you’re a graduate looking for a job or an employee who’s feeling the need for additional skills in your present job, then up-skilling might be the need of the hour. There are a plethora of software courses in demand which can either get you the job or help you achieve professional growth, propelling you towards a career better aligned to your goals and interests.

As the demands of technology change rapidly every day, it is imperative to acquire skills that can meet the needs of the industry. Most of the curricula for IT related degrees do not prepare a graduate for the IT sector as there is a clear disparity between the syllabi and the skills required for the job. This is a growing concern among many graduates and professionals in the early stages of their career - the need to up-skill in the current economic climate is absolutely essential.

Budding IT professionals can enroll for a variety of software courses to better their chances at employment. System Domain, one of the premier training institutes in Bangalore, focuses on providing vocational training to graduates to improve their chances of getting a job. A leading software training institute which provides a variety of courses to bridge the gap between the industry demand and the aptitude required to fill them, System Domain has also been successful in placing its trainees!

System Domain is a premier institute in Bangalore that understands the importance of acquiring relevant and latest skills and hence, emphasizes on honing the abilities of resources aspiring for a career in the IT. Offering some of the best software courses, the institute helps each individual to develop the right proficiencies and to keep abreast with emerging technologies. The tailor-made programs are structured to maximize career potential and are also the best job oriented courses in Bangalore.

System Domain offers Oracle certification courses which is an industry recognized course that phenomenally improves employability chances. Other popular courses such as C, C++, Tally, Testing, Java, Android, Dot Net, and Tally as well, are taught by experienced trainers at the institute.
Consult an expert counselor and choose a course that is apt for your career objective. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Why every Business needs Tally ERP9

2:49 AM
From accounting in journal books and maintaining ledgers on paper, businesses today have moved towards computerising the whole accounting information system. This has led to the creation of revolutionising software which can be customised and used by any business. The purpose of accounting software is to record and processes transactions within functional modules, such as accounts-payable, accounts-receivable, and payroll. This software may either be a web based application or a desktop based application. Tally ERP9 is one such software which was designed and built by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based IT Solution Company.  System Domain, a leading IT training institute in Bangalore offers you an exclusive course on Tally ERP9. 

System Domain aims to provide courses and training which prepare you for the most lucrative jobs in the IT and ITES Industry. Tally, technology no business can do without is one of our most popular certification programs. The course on Tally ERP9 covers a vast area from basics of accounting to working with features in Tally. You will start the course by learning the basics of the accounting world, which includes accounting principles, concepts and conventions and rules of accounting. In the Business Organisations section, you will be given an overview of the nature and accounting process in Service, Trading and Manufacturing Organisations. The course will help you to understand benefits and challenges of accounting on computers. In the Tally Fundamentals, you will be trained on features of Tally, the process of creating and setting up a company, creating a master, and voucher configuration. You will also be trained on processing transactions, purchase and sales, and report generation in various business organisations. Overall this course will equip you with the knowledge required to work on Tally ERP9 in different organisations.  

Every business venture, whether big or small, aims to turn a profit, and maintaining accounts is integral to its successful running. Ensure a progressive career path for yourself by acquiring training in this field, with a vocational education course from System Domain. We not only help you up-skill but also prepare you to face interviews with interactive sessions, group discussions and regular assessments. Our instructors come with vast industry experience which is employed to design industry-specific courses Ranked among the best software training institutes in Bangalore with placements we take pride in the placement training we have been providing over the last 17 years. Apart from Tally ERP9 we also offer courses on various trending technologies like Java, Android, RIA, .net and Testing. Whether you seek to acquire training in soft skills or brush up on your technical knowledge, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goal. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Certification which aligns your skills to the jobs you aspire for

12:43 AM

The Indian employment sector is flush with fresh engineering graduates who have completed their education and are competing to gain a foothold in the IT industry by applying to one of the many available jobs every year. As every job-seeker knows, winning a position when not fully qualified is a tough task. At System Domain, we work towards bridging the gap between academics and the demands of the industry by offering a range of vocational training courses which are designed to help in fetching a job that best suits you.
Placement training institutes in Bangalore ensure a surefire way to advance your career. A certified graduate promises the skills, knowledge and experience which any organisation looks for in a new hire. Certification courses at System Domain make sure that you get a competitive edge over the non-certified job-seekers. Certifications also ensure better employment and advancement opportunities. At the end of the day, a more skilled worker is rewarded better-regarding wages and benefits. 
Some of the credentials that are in demand in the industry are Project Management Professions (PMP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Certified Scrum Master, Big Data Analytics, Six Sigma green belts, and much more. System Domain is a certification hub that offers a variety of professional certification courses and is one of the most sought after Placement training in Bangalore.
System Domain ranks among the top software training institutes in Bangalore which help you augment your career graph! From the basics of C and C++ to the in-demand Java, we train you on a number of job-specific certifications. Earn an oracle certification, or invest in Android training, depending on your interests and professional aspirations. System Domain also offers certifications in RIA and technical writing, educating you in the latest technological developments. System Domain works with the IT companies to design courses which prepare candidates to deal with the requirements of the IT and ITES industries. If you are aiming for professional advancement, a certification in the technology you work with is sure to make your path a lot easier.
No matter which certification you choose System Domain works with you to master your subject, and prepare for job interviews with regular assessments, soft skills training, and aptitude tests. Are student counselors not only help you choose the stream which is apt for you, but also hand-hold you through the process of finding a job with dependable placement services. Pick a certification course from System Domain to make sure you are picked by the best employers in the IT and ITES industry!


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